Distributed Computing Platform for Developers

Compute across a world of devices

Easy, powerful tool for distributed computing

The Distributed
Compute Protocol

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DCP is a web-based API that let’s you split long computational programs into smaller slices to be executed across multiple devices in parallel

With 4 lines of code, you could access a worldwide distributed computing network to accelerate your applications

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Access a world of devices for your applications

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Reduce runtime through multi-device parallelism

Provide your input set, a function to run each element of that input, and distribute it worldwide with 4 lines of code
1 const inputSet = [a, b, c];
2 function workFn(letter) {
3   return letter.toUppercase();
4 }
5 const job = compute.for(inputSet, workFn);
6 let results = await job.exec();

Built on web technologies for maximum compatibility

Forwards and backwards compatible on any device that runs JavaScript, forever

DCP enables using many GPUs in parallel through WebGPU, and allows low level language deployment (C, C++, Julia) through WebAssembly

Run the same code on servers and smart fridges

Write the code once, and run it on any device with any OS
A person writing code that runs seamlessly on many diverse devices in parallel

Pushing progress in industry, advancing research in education.